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The Company
Nautiqu’elec was created in March 2016. The company designs and markets the Neptuneo, an electric catamaran. Powered by a 100% electric engine, the Neptuneo does not generate any pollution.

Olivier Gouraud

Olivier Gouraud, founder and president of Nautiqu’elec, is a former professional rowing coach. Founder of several training centers in France, it is by browsing many rowing basins in the world that he became aware, in 2015, that water sports safety boats were unsafe. While a rowing crew is made of up to 9 people, the safety boats themselves can only accommodate 4 people (reminder: the survival time in cold water is 2 minutes).

The genesis of the project was there!

The Neptuneo was born.

First designed for the safety of water sports (Neptuneo Lifeguard), our catamaran is now aimed at four other market segments:

– Passenger Transportation (Neptuneo Gentle)

– Freight Transportation (Neptuneo Freight)

– Surveillance and work boat (Neptuneo Effective)

– Cleaning of polluted waters (Neptuneo Effective Cleaner)


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