Neptuneo Lifeguard redefines the concept of the safety boat for the supervision of water sports by offering a 100% electric catamaran designed to meet all of its users’ needs.

Neptuneo Lifeguard is designed for:

– Man overboard rescue

– Practise and competition monitoring for coaches

– Jury boat, transport of referees

– Transport of journalists, Photographers and camera operators

– Rowing, canoeing, kayaking, triathlon, sailing, paddle, whitewater swimming, diving, water skiing, wake boarding, snorkeling, windsurfing, etc
– Water sports academies,
– Events

No thermal, olfactory, noise or chemical pollution.

The innovative hull design reduces the wake waves.


License / Certification
Easy maintenance and handling
Disabled friendly
Well being of users and coaches
Use of the latest technologies
Reduced operating costs
Environmentally friendly, reduced neighborhood noise disturbances

License / Certification

Neptuneo is a pleasure boat CE certified, category D, under the EU Recreational Craft Directive. According to your country of residence, a license to operate may be needed.

Easy maintenance and handling

  • No more heavy and costly maintenance, one checkup per year is enough!

  • Thanks to the electric engine, no need to refill with gasoline, motor oil, or change the spark plugs.

  • No more heavy gas jerrycans to carry

Disabled friendly

It can accommodate 11 people including the pilot and carry 4 people with reduced mobility (wheelchair).

Disposition personnes bateau électrique

Well being of users and coaches

– Always stay dry while in use
– No more gasoline fill up
– No more jerrycans to carry
– No more outboard engine to carry
– Recharging the battery only requires a conventional electrical outlet.

Photo bateau électrique

Use of the latest technologies

– Batteries:
Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4, LFP) from 15 to 30 kW.
– Motors:
2×6 kW to 2×10 kW
– Innovative hull shape generates little wave

Reduced operating costs

Electric engines can greatly reduce operating costs (gasoline and maintenance), the return on investment compared to gasoline outboard engines ranges from 20 to 47 months depending on outboard engine size, price of gasoline and maintenance labor costs.

With less downtime, the availability of the boat for its intended use is maximized.

Environmentally friendly, reduced neighborhood noise disturbances

The Neptuneo greatly reduces the environmental impact (no CO2 emissions, few waves) and reduces the level of disturbances to the neighborhood residents and other users of water bodies (no olfactory or noise pollution).

Moteur cadran

Technical Specifications


  • Offer paid discovery tours for visitors

  • Rent the boat for the safety of nautical events.

  • Offer tours for companies. (Seminars)

  • Rent the boat to local hotels to transport their clients. (tourism)

  • Use the boat to support an environmental eco-communication. (advertising support)

  • Offer tours to associations and people with reduced mobility.

  • Ensure the transport of people (water taxi) outside of your regular hours of operation.

  • Use the boat for any water related work.


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